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Located in the heart of Golden valley that for centuries has kept its tradition and the soul of unique slavonian villages surroundded by endless plains, below the vineyards and with a view of dense Slavonian forests, Zlatni lug is inviting you to come and experience a special type of hospitality that you don’t see every day and that will provide you a perfect getaway from the today’s busy lifestyle.

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The area of ​​Saloon was created by reconstructing the old Slavonian barn, and preserving its recognizability with elements of old beams, brick floors and original burial grounds. For years, the carefully collected collections of antiquities bring the soul to the entire space and acquaint yourself with the hidden charms of life in the village.














Zlatni lug accommodation is very pleasant place to stay and relax, as much in summer as in winter. It can be rented per person and there’s also a possibility of renting the whole house in case of a longer stay, for a weekend or for one night only. We have 21 modern furnished rooms with bathrooms available where we can accommodate 49 guests /persons.

In the summer, our guests can relax themselves alongside our 62m2 outdoor pool, showers, toilets, dressing-rooms and deck-chairs with towels free of charge. There’s also a parking space provided for you.

You will also have a pleasant common area for breakfast and gatherings at your disposal. After having spent a pleasant night, in the morning you will be greeted with board or generous Slavonian breakfast, depending on our agreement.

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For all inquiries, information and reservations please contact us with full confidence and without any obligation.

Zlatni Lug – Donji Emovci 32, Požega!

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