Zlatnilug d.o.o.

About us

Zlatni lug complex is a realization of a long-time dream of family of Thomas Heinz Pandžić, owner of the estate.

We wanted to create a place where our guests can experience all Slavonia and Slavonian village has to offer – delicious food, all kinds of gastronomic delicacies, exeptional wines, untouched nature and sincere hospitality.

Our estate is located in Emovački Lug, with just 3 kilometres of Požega, and is extended on more than 70 hectares and contains agroturistical and sports centre, fish pond and a bathing lake with all the other tourist attractions, as well as with the barbecue park.

Near the estate, in the village Donji Emovci, the Taver, the Winery and the Zlatni lug accomoadation with 21 modern furnished rooms are located. The ethno room Ljuba i Đuka is the one which is especially prominent and equipped with original old-fashioned furniture and decorations.

And how did it all begin?

The owner of the propriety, Thomas Heinz Pandžić, in 2008 started working on the realization of his vision and step by step started to buy plots to form a bigger whole where today the estate is located.

As the years passed by, additional programms and attractions were being added to the estate, like the Fisherman’s house, the barbecue park, and the archery field, the cycling trail, the fish pond and the bathing lake were being completely embellished.

Today the complex Zlatni lug represents the leading farming – agriculture organization in this part of Slavonia. All our visitors will rest their body and soul with the help of our service.

Come and see it for yourselves.


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