Restaurant Zlatni lug

Restaurant Zlatni lug

Restaurant Zlatni lug

Vinogradski ćevap, chicken prepared in a diffrent and authentic way – are only a small part of our food offer which can be found on the gastronomic map of „Zlatni lug“, that are enticing all true hedonists to come and visit Požega and to see at first hand the touristic potential of Slavonia. With the help of the exeptional and high-quality products, centuries-old tradition and highly qualified staff, we are bringing closer this part of Slavonia to the palates of all the gourmets.

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Event managment

Proslavite svoje najvažnije trenutke u idiličnom slavonskom okruženju…

Corporate events hall has a capacity of 50 seats and is ideal for organizing all kinds of events – meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, presentations… Depending on the requests of the organizer, the hall layout and settings can be rearranged in many diffrent ways so that they’re suitable for  different occasions: theatre style sitting, traditional seating arrangement, group pod arrangement etc.

The hall has a separate entrance and is located right  next to the restaurant.

From the equippment you will have at your disposal: wifi, projector, projection screen, plasma screen, public address system and flipchart.

Our kind personnel will answer on all the demands of the organizer, and the variety of food and drinks will complement each event. / make every event perfect, complete


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Zlatni lug wine collection can be found in the wine celler located on the propriety of accomodation Zlatni lug and it allows you to try the best wines of the area of Požega and of the slopes of Kutjevo.

Inside the traditional slavonian celler, enclosed with old bricks, oak beams and old roof shards,  you will enjoy, not only in wine, but also in our smoked and cured meat specialties from authentic slavonian black pigs, in exeptional homemade cheese, and all that with the help of our helpful staff

Wine map

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We wait you in Zlatni Lug – Donji Emovci 32, Požega!

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