Is there anything more beautiful than the golden autumn in Slavonia?

Is there anything more beautiful than the golden autumn in Slavonia?

The blissful region of Slavonia, the “golden Slavonia”. The most common description of Slavonia that you could hear. However, are we truly aware of the truth that stands behind only a couple of words?


Golden are Slavonian fields, fruits from the fertile Slavonian soil… Golden are the farmers’ hands, the drops of premium wines ripened in the Slavonian vineyards…

Ages ago, ancient Romans have named Požega “Vallis Aurea” – “The Golden Valley”. Surrounded by hill areas and located on fertile land, Požega was, even then, known as a place for enjoyable living.

In autumn, Slavonia, especially Požega valley, turn amber. With September, the region comes alive. Field work starts, yields are picked after a whole year of preparation – corn and sugar beet harvest, sowing wheat, apple and grape picking, and preparation of winter food stocks… Driving through the countryside offers truly magical sights of the farmers working on the fields and their estates. The beauty of these views even makes us forget, for a brief moment, about the sad truth of the exodus of the Slavonian youth.

Regardless of the weighty reality, Slavonian people have always had big hearts, thankful for everything they have, and appreciate even the smallest of things. Hence, the fun and the festivities never stop in Slavonia, especially in the autumn. Numerous manifestations revive the old traditions and present old-time customs and previous modes of fieldwork, while also celebrating the fertility of the land and tasting the produce of the Slavonian soil.

Indeed, autumn is Slavonia is truly magnificent, and is calling for you to visit… To enjoy the golden wines while looking over the valley sun-showered, painted in the loveliest autumn shades… To breathe in the crisp air of Slavonian forests and rest your mind and soul while listening to the soothing sounds of tamburica, a traditional ethnic instrument… To taste the mouth-watering Slavonian delicatessens… Meet the kindest people and experience genuine Slavonian hospitality…

And fall in love with the golden beauty, the wonderful Slavonia.

Believe us when we say, once Slavonia wins over your heart, you will never be the same again.