Another recognition for restaurant Zlatni Lug

Another recognition for restaurant Zlatni Lug

Website Restaurant Guru has declared Zlatni Lug the best in the city of Požega, in the category of restaurants and the category of top service.


Pozega, December 30, 2019 – Last year will be remembered as one of the most successful for Zlatni Lug. Namely, during 2019 Zlatni Lug received five important recognitions.

At the beginning of the year, Zlatni Lug was awarded the Collective Award of City of Požega, for its outstanding contribution to development of rural tourism. Then, the restaurant was included on Gastronaut’s list of 100 leading Croatian restaurants, competing between 2400 restaurants.

The most important recognition came from the Croatian National Tourist Board, which proclaimed Thomas Heinz Pandžić, owner of Zlatni Lug, the Employee of the Year in the category “Host of a tourist rural household”.

Additionally, there is an overall visitor’s impression from the largest global travel network –, where Zlatni Lug was rated excellent 8.8, and at the end of the year the website Restaurant Guru declared it the best in the city of Požega, in two categories – restaurants and best service.

“We have a great year behind us and this is our biggest encouragement for the future. All these recognitions are proof that hard work and dedication pay off, but most importantly – that rural tourism in Slavonia has a bright future. We can finally see the results of many years of work, we are recognized by foreign and domestic tourists, and Slavonia is slowly becoming a popular destination on tourist maps,” said Leo Pandžić, head of Zlatni Lug. “We must show what Slavonia has to offer; we must show the world what we have. Natural riches such as the Jankovac, a tradition that we faithfully cherish and protect, healthy homemade food, Slavonian hospitality… This is a combination that offers a truly indigenous experience, just what the guests are looking for and we must use it,” concluded Pandžić.