Zlatnilug d.o.o.


Zlatni lug accommodation is very pleasant place to stay and relax, as much in summer as in winter. It can be rented per person or there’s also a possibility of renting the whole house in case of a longer stay, for a weekend or for one night only. We have available 21 modern furnished rooms with bathrooms where we can accommodate 49 guests /persons.

In the summer, our guests can relax themselves alongside our 62m2 outdoor pool, showers, toilets, dressing-rooms and deck-chairs with towels free of charge. There’s also a parking space provided for you.

Holiday home

This luxurious vacation cottage house is situated on the southern slope of Požega hill. It’s only a few minutes of driving distance from the Požega city centre, and it offers a breathtaking view of the beautiful natural surroundings, vegetation and vineyards on the hillside. The luxury house can accomodate up to 6 guests with altogether 1 bathroom, fully-equipped kitchen, indoor jacuzzi and gated parking spots. The guests have a free WiFi access. Given the mountain location of the house, we’re also offering the service of transportation of the guests to the propriety. The guests can leave their vehicles in the parking lot of the restaurant Zlatni lug.