Have you heard the story of Jula and Duka?

Have you heard the story of Jula and Duka?

Have a glimpse of a true Slovonian love, a story that has been told for generations.

Old Slavonia, villager life, daily work in the field, but at the end of the day – a great love in a small tumbledown house. That was the life of Jula and Duka.

She was a housewife, a mother, a spouse, took care of the cattle, milked cows, collected eggs and baked the best apple pies, as people say. He spent his days working in the field, with a horse and a plough, caring for the crops to later earn a bit of money for the family.

Although they lived tough, frugally, sometimes even sternly, they were happy because they had each other, their greatest love since childhood days. Since the first day 16 year-old Duka saw Jula at a Sunday Holy Mass, he was sure she would become his life companion. They’ve built their lives together, weaving a story that still lives today.

How did this happen? Through the stories that are passed down through generations and generations, in addition to many items that remained and which tell a story of a life that used to be.

You will best experience Jula and Duka if you come and visit Zlatni Lug and stay in the ethno-room. As soon as you step into the room, you’ll feel as if you’ve suddenly entered the 20th century Slavonia. Old closets; traditional bedding; the sewing machine where Jula diligently tailored outfits for her husband and children; the cradle in which she laid her youngest; a petroleum lamp that was the only light source during long nights…

Come and experience the magic of the old Slavonia.


Tamo gdje se voli svaka crna brazda,

i žuljave ruke znojem zemlju kvase,

tamo je svatko siromah i gazda,

a ponos i nada nikad se ne gase.


 Tamo gdje žica na tamburi jeca,

tamo gdje šorom stara kola škripe,

prašnjavim sokakom igraju se djeca,

u ljeta suha kad mirisu lipe.


Tamo gdje nebo ljubi zlatna žita,

nad rijekom plavom vrba grane svija,

tu na zemaljskom raju ovog svita,

tu sniva moja stara Šokadija.

(Najbolji Hrvatski Tamburaši – Moj dom je tamo gdje Slavonija spava)